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Once upon a time in Egypt

Freie Trauung – Free Wedding (2021) / Namen sind geändert

Our two lovers met in Egypt, in 2016. It wasn’t on the beach, with a nice cocktail. Or amidst the pyramids, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. No, it was on a construction site in Cairo.

In their free time, the team met in one of the houses, it was some kind of clubhouse, so after work, this is where they met. Sometimes they went out, to the cinema for example. But mainly they were chilling with other people or having dinner together.

Erol had to be in Egypt for four months only. Four months can feel like a long stretch too, but in his case, when his stay came to an end, it was very inconvenient because his friendship with Sarah had turned into something else, something romantic: They had fallen in love.

Now, he had to leave and the two of you were struggling because you had different schedules. And in addition to that, you were not only in different countries, but also on different continents. You were divided by 2500 kilometers.

Yes, they both knew before: Their job meant a lot of traveling.  And they like traveling, in general. When the timing is right - and the location. Going to Malaysia for example is not such a bad thing. What they didn’t expect was to find their future spouse in Egypt. It didn’t say in the contract, not even in the fine print ...

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